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earlier this year, the world, the flesh, and the devil, the debut album by my band striking violet, was released on cassette through the lovely independent COM label, and is also available digitally through spotify, itunes, and amazon


i am currently mastering a new piece, zver' iz cygnus, an entirely analog soundtrack for an imaginary soviet-era sci-fi film, created by my songwriting partner joshua vance and myself. the following is a rough demonstration on the kind of visuals we imagined while working on this album:


i recently shot and edited the video for "iron rose" by striking violet, my latest project. we're an 80's new-wave inspired synth-pop band, and we're finishing up vocals for our first release, which should hopefully be out by early 2018.


one of my tracks from the "halloween: celestial origins" soundtrack was used in a fulldome demo-reel from the IDIA lab


my original score is featured in "halloween: celestial origins" which is now available for purchase through the charles w brown planetarium


my narration and music are featured in "saturn & beyond" which is now available for purchase through the charles w brown planetarium

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